Dress by Candlelight: A Fundraiser with a Vision

It is not everyday that a fundraiser can so eloquently capture the heart and essence of the mission of the organization they serve, but that is exactly what Dress by Candlelight 2015 did. Walking into the trendy East Austin Fair Market venue, the excitement of the room burst through the eager crowd, waiting to bid on their favorite items.  As participants crunched on bites from seven delicious and generous Austin favorites*, they strolled through vignettes to learn more about the ranch programs.  Each interactive vignette featured fashion models showcasing trends from Etcetera and Spring Frost, alongside Candlelight Ranch ambassadors educating guests about ranch programs, while bidding on corresponding auction items.  Guests had a chance to listen first hand to the purpose of the fundraiser as Candlelight ranch participants from XYZone discussed their experiences at the ranch.

Sipping on Deep Eddy cocktails and frothy cold beer from Oasis brewery, each guest chatted and swayed to the sensational jams by Beat Bodega.  As the presentation began there was not a dry eye, as a heartwarming video captured what the “best day of yourlife” for campers at Candlelight Ranch looks like.  If that was not enough to tug at your heart strings, the speech by the young gentleman named Donovan, from XYZone, perfectly captured the soul of the ranch best when he stated in his poem, “My experience there was unique, It’s like I climbed the highest mountain, and finally reached its peak.”  Thanks to the sponsorships of HEB, Ron Knight with Wells Fargo Advisors, and many other generous donors, over $150,000 was raised, and Candlelight Ranch continues to change lives and inspire enduring connections through nature.


*Special thanks to Flying Pig Provisions, Greenhouse Craft Foods, Jack Allen’s kitchen, Paella, Tapas and More, Quality Seafood Market and Restaurant, The Scarlet Rabbit, and Taco Flats, for the delicious food.