This is our annual fundraising campaign and we hope you will help us meet (or even better, exceed) our goal of raising $45,000 by mid-June.

Your gift will truly Light the Way to more joy for more youth at Candlelight Ranch. Ranchers get to visit the ranch through our 30+ partner organizations such as the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Helping Hand Home for Children, and the Phoenix Center in Marble Falls. Our Ranchers experience hands-on (and often first-time activities) such as interacting with our Therapy Horses, kayaking on our beautiful cove on Lake Travis, sleeping in our wheelchair-accessible Reese’s Treehouse, riding ziplines, tasting vegetables straight from the vine in the Martin Food Forest, our sustainable garden, and so much more.


For too many youth in our region, these joyful experiences are out of reach and that is why Candlelight Ranch exists. Last year we provided on-site services to more than 1600 special needs and at-risk children and their families and we expect this number to grow substantially over the next year. More than ever, your support is needed. Can we count on you? Your support of any amount will go a long way towards creating smiles for special needs children at Candlelight Ranch.

Click on the DONATE button to give now, or mail a check, or email to request a packet to be mailed to you or provide a phone number if you wish to be called to make a credit card payment over the phone.

thank you!