Meet Board member and active volunteer Ali Knight!

“My husband, Ron, and I were introduced to the great work of Candlelight Ranch by invitation to Dress By Candlelight at Saks 5th Avenue about 4 years ago. We have been so blessed with the friendships we have developed on this journey and the many friends, family and co-workers who have engaged through us with Candlelight Ranch.

During spring break, the Brentwood Oaks Youth Group, headed up by our youth minister, James Henley and parent volunteers,  brought 20+ kids out to the Ranch to do service work. It was a perfect day as they painted the amazing monarch mural, pulled weeds and did general clean-up around the ranch. The blue bonnets were in full bloom and one of the kids said, “I look forward to this every year!”

Visiting the ranch and seeing all the work that is put into making a safe and educational environment available to so many children is extraordinary. Candlelight Ranch is a beautiful place alive with rich stories, a place of peace and serenity, and most of all, a place for kids to be themselves, heal and build their confidence…does it get any better than that?”