Arthur’s Animal House

Arthur’s Animal House has a history older than Candlelight Ranch itself.  The building was constructed sometime in the 1800’s.  Hundreds of years later, the building was named “Arthur’s Animal House” after Arthur Paul Muska, a first cousin of Jeri Barr.  Arthur was a kind, understated man who wore a constant smile and held an infinite love for the outdoors.  The spirit of Arthur’s Animal House is being revived at Candlelight Ranch with the help of selfless volunteers from BCWR and Leander High School.  These students plan on pursing studies in geology, environmental science and wildlife biology, and are applying this knowledge at Candlelight Ranch. The House is now going to be put to its original purpose and be the home for historical and new types of animal experiential programming at Candlelight Ranch.  Stay tuned for more updates regarding future animal guests!