Transformative Poetry at the Ranch


Do you ever wonder how time in nature and innovative programming changes lives?  Each day and each program is carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of the children served.  As the children face challenges they never thought possible within the calming elements of nature, true transformations happen.  During a visit at Candlelight Ranch, one child was able to communicate their feelings in such a profound way, we thought we needed to share:

By the talented Jasmine Ladden:

I like to think its just you and me

living out our dreams

fixing the broken hearts and

healing the horrid wounds

taking in the ones that just called for

help maybe one day the world will

see you can help too not just

me to open the eyes of the blind

to look upon such wonder and the

deaf maybe one day to hear the

thunder of the life surrounding them

to give hope to the ones that

held it most