A story from Tara Gray, dedicated former CLR President and active ranch volunteer… She is a true “partner” of Candlelight Ranch!

“It has been my dream to take all my kids out to Candlelight Ranch and sleep in their sisters treehouse, when the timing was right. Since my involvement in 2006, (shortly after losing my daughter to a terminal illness) I have dreamed about all my kids under the same roof. This year was the year! We decided to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday out at Candlelight Ranch. The experience was magical to say the least. We started the day off getting set up and waiting for family members to join in the fun. My kids were so excited to sleep in their sister’s treehouse. Candlelight Ranch has the only wheelchair accessible Treehouse in Central Texas. After losing my daughter to a terminal illness in 2006, I channeled my grief into supporting Candlelight Ranch’s mission. We dedicated the treehouse in her name and now it allows her spirit to carry on forever!

The weekend was magical. To have my children, immediate family and to top it off, Reese’s nurses family (who still support Candlelight Ranch and are family to us) out at the Ranch made the weekend unforgettable and so very special.  Roasting marshmallows out by the fire, going on hikes with my kids and zipping in the morning was the best birthday my son said he has ever had! In many ways, it was healing for us.

For me, the most magical moment of the experience was falling asleep in my daughters treehouse, feeling like I had all 4 of my kids right there with me, under the same roof. I want to thank Candlelight Ranch from the bottom of my heart for giving my kids and myself one of the “best days of their lives”!”

Consider renting out Candlelight Ranch for a magical night with your family, or book a corporate team building retreat.  You are not only offering your family and friends an incredible therapeutic and adventurous weekend in nature, but you are partnering with a nonprofit and making it possible for Candlelight Ranch to provide these experiences to underserved children!!! Book today!