Candlelight Ranch Provides Glimmer of Hope to Amazing Children!

Candlelight Ranch and A Glimmer of Hope Foundation became partners in May 2011 in an effort to expose more children to nature.  On average, American children spend as little as 30 minutes in free play outdoors daily, and more than 7 hours a day in front of a screen. For a generation of youth that collectively suffer from “nature deficit disorder,” time at Candlelight Ranch provides a direct antidote. Time spent in contact with the natural environment is associated with better psychological well-being, lower stress levels, superior cognitive functioning, fewer physical ailments and a quicker recovery from illness.

Originally, Candlelight Ranch was chosen as the off-site location for Camp Glimmer, A Glimmer of Hope’s summer camp program.  Over the years, staff at both agencies saw how fun, educational and rewarding camp glimmer was for the campers.  This year, Candlelight Ranch has become the sole site for Camp Glimmer, meaning campers would have the opportunity for two day camps or an overnight camping experience at Candlelight Ranch!

With the primary focus of camps to expose children to enriching and engaging nature experiences through Candlelight Ranch’s fun and innovative programming, campers participate in team building, zip lines, horses, nature hikes, kayaking, ChillVille and a variety of outdoor education and games.  For many of our campers, this is the first time they have ever slept in a tent, ate a s’more, kayaked and flew on a zip line.  This time in nature is full of adventure, self-discovery, skills, and lasting friendships.