Candlelight Ranch has been home to many amazing nonprofits. It is a place where missions collide to create synergy and change. According to Jenny Lockwood, Horse Boy Educational Director, Horse Boy “has been running camps for autism families at Candlelight Ranch for years now and (they) have never found a better location for their families. It has everything from adventure playgrounds, to zip lines, to water activities, to arts and crafts, to teepees, to canyons. A Horse Boy Camp is a three day/two night experience for the whole family, and the purpose of the camp is to provide a natural and judgment free environment in which autism families can relax, get to know one another, and above all-have fun. Candlelight Ranch provides all of that and more!”

The memories created at Candlelight Ranch, through their partnership with Horse Boy, are from around the world. Kids use the beauty of nature and empathic connections with animals to learn about themselves, socialize, and grow together. Horse Boy is just one of dozens of wonderful partners Candlelight Ranch serves in providing “unique outdoor experiences for special needs and at-risk youth to learn, play and embrace the wonders of nature.”