Garden to Table

In the past, Candlelight Ranch has cultivated small-scale garden beds aimed at exposing ranchers to the joys of vegetable gardening. This summer, we took it a step further with the our new Sustainable Food Forest and Edible Garden Program! Candlelight was delighted to witness hundreds of ranchers’ curiosity bloom at the sight of the bountiful and tasty veggies of the Martin Food Forest. They were able to participate in an abundance of activities including gardening lessons and garden-to-table meals prepared by the hands of ranchers. The garden and program were made possible by the generosity of the employees of Martin Instrument.

With a look of bewilderment, one rancher exclaimed, “You mean I can eat a tomato just like this! Is this how they come?” After making a garden fresh pizza at the ranch, another camper confirmed, “I am going to cook like this at home!” It’s joyful to witness each rancher grow in heart and mind within the garden gates.