“Four years ago we travelled from the UK to Candlelight Ranch with our son, who has severe autism. We were astonished by the results. The Ranch extended a magical effect – our son blossomed, tolerating clothing his sensory issues had always prevented, asking someone’s name for the first time, and, above all, being blissfully happy and secure.”

“This year we returned. We’d all struggled with the anxiety and distress he experienced daily as the world overwhelmed him; he, of course, suffered most of all. Within hours of being back at Candlelight we were contentedly in a creek, listening to birdsong, calm and blissfully happy. The Ranch was just as magical second time around, and this visit I realized the impact upon us as parents too. My mother always says you can only be as happy as your most miserable child. ¬†Candlelight Ranch gave our son desperately needed respite and a real psychological and neurological boost. And because of that, we all had a time of great peace and respiration.”