Trauma Processing Through Nature

Beginning the Summer of 2015, Candlelight Ranch began hosting foster children camps at the ranch.  These innovative camps focus on EAGALA, high and low ropes challenge courses, wildlife survival, movement work, interactive water features, hiking, cooking from the land and food forest, hiking, and nature crafts.  These camps are offered completely free of charge to participants!  It is a wonderful opportunity for new families and fostered children to connect with others.

Time in nature heals the soul.  The synergy of innovative empowerment and team building programming combined with the  refreshing and nourishing elements of nature changes and empowers the child from within.  Trauma survivors tap into nature  to help process their experiences and connect with other children that understand what they have been through.  New families find a chance to bond together, and individuals increase their self- esteem and empathic connections with others.  It is a moment of magic that lives in their hearts forever.    One child explained while replenishing through the water,  “The water is like tears releasing.” Another 4-year old child exclaimed, “I could live in nature now!”  The enthusiasm felt was contagious among all of the volunteers and staff as they were reminded once again, “This is why we do what we do.”