Waterfront Therapies

The extra rain over the last year has done wonders for Candlelight Ranch. The grass is greener, the garden is overflowing, and most exciting of all- Lake Travis is back on the property! A short hike down Tamer’s Trail reveals our fishing dock and next to it is a line of boats waiting for the next to group of campers to take them onto the lake. Our humble fleet includes canoes as well as double and solo kayaks.

With the aquatic expertise of our interns and volunteers, under the supervision of a certified lifeguard, ranchers are taught boating safety, proper paddling strokes, and the geography of Lake Travis and the Lower Colorado River. Ranchers also develop great teamwork and communication skills as they learn to work together and paddle a three-person canoe as a single unit. This might just be our best (and most fun!) teambuilding activity yet.

A big thank you to all the volunteers that have helped out at the waterfront this summer, as we wouldn’t be able to provide this amazing experience without you. Our ranchers always walk away from the dock with a smile plastered on their face and it’s not uncommon to overhear their conversations of when and where they will go kayaking next.