We Appreciate You, Gary!!

Thank you Gary!

Candlelight Ranch would like to thank amazing volunteer, Gary Caylor!  Gary has volunteered with Candlelight Ranch for over two years, and brings to CLR vast experience in nature, gardening, and the outdoors.  He is verified on the ziplines and whether it is helping children have the time of their life as they fly through the air, or teaching youth about local vegetation, Gary always brightens up the day with experience, kindness, and enthusiasm!

What volunteering means to Gary… In his words:

“I have been volunteering at the Candlelight Ranch for the past two years and find that the experience always improves my mood and my feeling of well-being. Here are some of the reasons that volunteering at Candlelight Ranch is good for me, as well as for the groups of kids that attend!

  • My first lift comes from the view of Lake Travis as I drive down to Candlelight Ranch from 1431.
  • As I enter the ranch gate, the “Chillville” waterscape fits in with my strong attraction to any water activity.
  • The butterfly garden around the rain water collection tank adds beauty that I enjoy and shows the admirable conservation effort by Candlelight Ranch.
  • Just the picture of horses grazing in the horse lot adds to the peaceful feeling.
  • My favorite volunteer activity at Candlelight is zip lining and it is a pleasure to see the hesitant kid end up really enjoying zipping, even if they only have the courage to zip on zip line number two (over and over again until we shut down).
  • My favorite relaxing spot is in the swing on the deck at the Fisher House.
  • The steep, shaded trail down the canyon to Lake Travis provides a good work out and away-from -it-all feeling for me.
  • Often I find that one of the kids tells me something about themselves that indicates that they have a degree of trust in me, and I believe their experience of trust might be helpful to them.”