In the Words of our Interns: Kim

Hi, I am Kim Marie Garcia and San Benito, TX is where I call home. Till this day, it may, or may not, be indicated on the map you are looking at. It’s famous for its amazing authentic Mexican food, the one and only Freddy Fender, 3-time gold medalist Bobby Morrow, and its undying love and pride for its Mighty San Benito Greyhounds! And just a few miles out towards the country side, you could find the infamous border wall. Many do not know that a border wall already exist, and unfortunately to my dismay it has become our backyard. However, there is nothing better to heal this thought other than the famous Trump Burger, half-Mexican half-American, that you can find downtown at Frankie’s. My family has lived here for generations and has worked from the ground up; from working the fields, through the military (HORAH!), and into higher education to serve the next generation with a piece of paper and pen. This hard work and effort has brought me to where I am today, paving the curves and path towards the door steps of Candlelight Ranch.

Candlelight Ranch was the place I never knew I needed. What the ranch does for these kids and families is indescribable! Something as small as a crawling across a canyon or zipping through the outdoors, can have a profound effect on an individual’s life. Some groups come into the ranch as strangers and leave as friends. Some kids come into the ranch quiet and anxious and walkout like superheroes. Even parents that take this journey learn something new about themselves along the way. You can never guess the journeys that will happen at Candlelight Ranch, but you always know that it will be a journey worth taking.