Share the Cheer!

“My parents were coming to town from Tennessee, and what better way to get in the holiday spirit than making a trip to Candlelight Ranch. They’ve heard me raving about the ranch for months now, but they didn’t fully understand what I was talking about until they were out there on Saturday for the Family Day Christmas party. Not only letting them see Candlelight Ranch and all its beauty, but actually helping children and their families experience the ranch and its wonders was truly unforgettable. Not to mention how fun it is decorating and eating lots of tasty Christmas cookies! We very much look forward to the opportunity to volunteer together as a family for such a wonderful cause again.” Scarlett Mitchell

Candlelight Ranch would like to congratulate dedicated volunteer and candlelight ranch advisory council member for graduating with her BS in Human Development. Thanks for all you do Scarlett Mitchell!!! She even took time out of her busy schedule to lead activities for families at the Candlelight Ranch Holiday party the day before she graduated.