A short hike down Tamer’s Trail reveals our floating dock, Texas Materials Island, and private lakefront cove. In the summer months, our dock is a very popular place! We provide canoeing, kayaking and fishing.  Our unique and educational approach to canoeing and kayaking utilizes teamwork, builds confidence and enhances gross motor skills.

Under the supervision of a certified lifeguard, our interns and volunteers share their aquatic expertise to teach participants boating safety, proper paddling strokes, and the geography of Lake Travis. Campers also develop great teamwork and communication skills as they learn to work together and paddle a three-person canoe as a single unit. This might just be our best (and most fun!) team building activity yet.

We also offer catch and release educational fishing programs! This activity provides a peaceful environment connecting with nature and opportunity to practice mindfulness. Participants are empowered by learning to bait their own hooks*, cast and release their own catch!

Our Waterfront Activities helps participants

  • Learn about aquatic life
  • Practice patience
  • Learn new skills
  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Increase confidence

*We take safety as our highest priority only utilizing barbless hooks.  All participants are required to wear personal flotation devices on our canoes and kayaks.

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