2022 Volunteer of the Year: Russ Miller

April 6, 2023

We are honored to award Russ Miller as our 2022 Volunteer of the Year for his outstanding commitment to the children and families of CLR! Russ joined Candlelight Ranch in 2020 and hit the ground running. Wearing many hats, Russ is active both in programs and the Board of Directors. Russ frequently volunteers with groups as a zipline facilitator, archery, and kayak instructor. Russ is always happy to jump in and lend a hand. Russ’ greatest passion is helping bring joy to the lives of the children and families who visit the Ranch, as he reflected, I love coming out to Candlelight Ranch volunteering and giving back to others. I have been blessed in my life, and its time to share and give back. The ranch provides a great environment to share nature while helping others. Russ is always ready to help our campers feel welcomed and can often be found sharing lunch with the families or tossing a football with the kids. Russ reflected on one of his favorite moments of success out at the Ranch. The child in the photo was having a rough time, I asked the mom if I could take him on my kayak to calm him down. He changed instantly, goes to show you when you change the environment and introduce nature, what a calming effect it has on kids. Additionally, Russ is active as a Board Member sitting on multiple committees while heading the Ranch Committee and leads groups of volunteers during ranch beautification workdays. Russ is an incredible advocate of Candlelight Ranch’s mission, often performing community outreach to local organizations and volunteer groups to make valuable connections and recruit new volunteers. Thank you, Russ, for the tireless dedication you have given and for the joy you have brought the children and families of Candlelight Ranch!