Our High Ropes Challenge Course is designed to provide participants an opportunity to acquire and practice essential life skills and enhance self-esteem. Participants in the program learn to solve problems, make decisions, set goals and develop communication skills in an atmosphere that is challenging, supportive and fun. In this environment participants learn to:

  • Appreciate their personal strengths and build self-confidence
  • Respect and value differences within a group
  • Be involved in the resolution of conflicts
  • Trust in themselves and in others
  • Step outside of their comfort zone and achieve success

Our 50ft, 4 sided tower places you a top a stunning view of Lake Travis and the surrounding Hill Country. Operated by our trained staff and volunteers our tower includes a Rock Wall, Rock Wall with Incline, Vertical Play Pen and Jacobs Ladder. Adjacent to our Tower is our most challenging element, the “Power Pole”, this will test your limits as you jump from the top of a 40 ft pole towards a beautiful Lake Travis view. After conquering all 5 high ropes challenge course elements your team will be rewarded with ziplining 300 ft across an 84 ft canyon. Our zipline course also includes two other zip lines; one being fast and thrilling while the smallest is low and slow – great for those seeking to test the waters before jumping into the full experience of flying through our fun, rewarding and wheelchair accessible course.

Individual High Ropes Challenge Course Elements

  • Rock Wall & Inclined Rock Wall– Our 2 sided rock wall provides many levels of accessibility and challenge with one side vertical and the other inclined in order to create a fun experience for all! Here participants will learn problem solving and goal achievement all while receiving positive team support.
  • Vertical Play Pen<– This compact vertical jungle gym tests multiple techniques. Climbers must navigate a cargo net, tires and series of ropes, transitioning between materials and planes all along the way. This element is excellent for a team of two to accomplish together and is incredibly fun and rewarding!
  • Power Pole – Our challenge pole (also called the power pole or pamper pole) is the most extreme and most challenging of our high ropes elements! On this element the participant climbs a wooden telephone pole, however, at the top they may choose to stand on top of the pole and jump outward to grab a hanging trapeze! We assure that this challenge will get your heart rate going! This element is great for leaping out of your comfort zone and building self-confidence!
  • Jacobs Ladder – A fantastic team building activity and probably one of the best team challenges you will ever encounter; a small team works together to get to the top rung of this giant’s ladder. This requires teamwork, communication and trust!

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