Zip Lines

Candlelight Ranch has three fun and accessible zip lines.  Our zip lines are a fun and empowering experience for children and families.  Our zip lines help participants overcome their fears, experience the freedom of “flying” and promote trust, communication and have fun!  Because of the accessibility of our zip lines, participants with limited mobility are able to zip with special harness and equipment. We practice challenge by choice at the ranch and empower participants to choose whether or not they want to participate on our challenge course.

Carolyn’s Canyon Crawl

Carolyn’s Canyon Crawl is a high line traverse that places participants 80 feet above a gorgeous creek and canyon flowing into Lake Travis.   Carolyn’s Canyon Crawl allows children and adults the opportunity to challenge themselves while taking in the natural beauty and views of Lake Travis and surrounding limestone bluffs. This activity brings a great sense of accomplishment as participants test their limits and achieve a sense of self accomplishment never thought possible! This challenge teaches strength of self and positive team support as participants chooses how far they will traverse out into the canyon with their team members cheering and supporting from the sidelines.

The Ranch also has an all-terrain wheelchair and ATV to transport participants with limited mobility across rugged terrain.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Zipline Course was designed and built to serve children and young adults; therefore, we cannot allow individuals below 35 pounds and above 230 pounds to participate in Zipline activities. Thank you for your honesty and understanding as we strive to make CLR a safe place to play!

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DISCLOSURE: Candlelight Ranch (CLR) programs involve a variety of activities that often include warm-ups, games, group initiative problems, high and low ropes course elements, and other rigorous physical adventure activities. (The level of participation in a program activity is at all times completely up to the individual’s choice.) Yet there is a risk, which must be assumed by each participant that he/she may suffer an emotional or physical injury, disability or death.