Air Force Cadets Help The Ranch

April 5, 2019

For their Spring Break service project, Air Force Academy Cadets from Colorado Springs, spent their spring break volunteering and providing hard manual labor at Candlelight Ranch. This bright, young and energetic group came from across the United States and were a delight to work with. They completed the long list of ranch work projects in less than 12 hours, managing to have extra time to zip line and have some fun too. Let’s just say they were task-oriented!

Candlelight Ranch Foreman, Angelia Tomlin said it best, “If I had a group that worked that hard once a year for 3 days, I could take a month’s vacation!”

A BIG thank you to Brooks and Linda Parnell, for housing and feeding these wonderful cadets! In addition, a huge thanks to Jeff Kreisel for organizing the trip and supporting Candlelight Ranch. We hear they already want to come back next year!