Bringing Joy to UR Our Hope

August 30, 2021

We are excited to introduce our new partner, UR Our Hope, a phenomenal non-profit organization built to bring hope and resources to families who have a loved ones with a rare or undiagnosed genetic disorder. Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming and navigating it with a rare diagnosis can feel impossible. With many families not knowing where to begin, UR Our Hope gives guidance through the family’s journey to finding a diagnosis and getting care through education, advocacy, and community support.

Candlelight Ranch had the honor of hosting a Family Adventure Day for UR Our Hope in July by providing a day of connectedness, first experiences, and respite in the outdoors. Families kicked back, let their worries dissolve, and dove into a day of relaxation and learning new outdoor skills. Many, young and old, found confidence in catching their first fish, or manifesting the strength to step off and soar over our canyon on the zipline, or climb to new heights on the high ropes tower. As one young child excitedly exclaimed after completing their first trip on the ziplines, “I’ve always wanted to fly above the trees and today I got to do that!”

Not only were exciting new experiences captured but connections between family members were forged and this small community grew even closer in connecting with others who experience unique challenges. One mother who visited with her husband and daughter reflected, “This is a very special day, we will remember this for a very long time. Thank you for sharing your compassion, love, and joy with us! Everything today was just a new level of happiness, a new memory we will never forget! This is the best Ranch in the world.”

Thank you, UR Our Hope for the incredible work you do in supporting your families. It was a joy serving your wonderful children and families and we hope to see y’all at the ranch again very soon!