Homeschooling – Nature & Environmental Education

April 13, 2020

With many schools moving to online, parents have been juggling the roles of both educator and entertainer. Kids Environmental Lesson Plans – or KELP for short – are here to help. You can download a variety of fun and educational children’s activities for free.

Here are some fun ways to learn about nature and the environment!

  • Explore the Pacific Ocean! K-2 Lesson plans, videos on Habitats & activities included!
  • Did you know that Texas has an extensive ecosystem of Wetlands! Here’s a great video from US Fish & Wildlife about this precious and unique resource!
  • Looking for some great educational resources on birds! Perfect for a science lesson with the kids or for furthering your own knowledge on nature!
  • Did you know that Rainforests only occupy 6% of the Earth’s land surface but support over half of our planet’s plants and wildlife! Learn about this precious resource, then make your very own plant terrarium!
  • Check out these awesome lesson plans to teach kids how to be plastic-free!
  • Grow your knowledge with this awesome online video and Learning Lab Activity from Central Texas’ very own Science Mill, located right outside Austin in Johnson City!!
  • Learn how to become a Citizen Scientist!
  • Explore and learn at Candlelight Ranch!