Meet Our Spring Intern, Adrian

April 8, 2021

Our interns at Candlelight Ranch make our Ranch go Round! We are incredibly grateful to our Spring Therapeutic Recreation Intern Adrian who has worked with us this Spring in pursuit of her Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation! At the conclusion of her internship Adrian will have given over 560 hours of her time and will be eligible to sit for her certification exam to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, otherwise known as a CTRS!

“I chose my internship here because I have a passion for inclusion in recreation and Candlelight Ranch was the perfect place to learn firsthand how to do Therapeutic Recreation. I have always wanted to work outside and work with people from all backgrounds and this opportunity allows me to do both! I was encouraged by the staff in all things I attempted. I grew and learned every day during my time here. I am more confident in my abilities as a soon to be Recreational Therapist. This experience was the best way to end my academic career and will take the lessons I learn here with me wherever I go.” Adrian, Spring 2021 Intern

Everyone at Candlelight Ranch looks forward to seeing the amazing work Adrian will accomplish in her future career and know she will do great things! Thank you, Adrian!