Peace and Joy for Military Families

December 12, 2019

Our Military Families join us from all over Texas and are from all over the world. Stability is a constant struggle for the families who serve, sacrifice and protect our nation. They often must move from place to place, meet new people, learn new customs and cycle through one or both spouses’ deployments. Carefree days spent outside just enjoying nature, and each other, are not always a possibility.

Military Family Days at Candlelight Ranch offer the chance to grasp a carefree day, to bond with loved ones and to cherish the fleeting chance to relax, explore and simply be together. After a day at Candlelight Ranch, one parent proclaimed; “My family has been smiling the whole time. I am very grateful to have a chance to be here before leaving for my training next week. This really is something great for people who are new to the outdoors, like my family.”

Candlelight Ranch strives to create a space where all who visit feel safe, welcomed and supported by those who understand the everyday challenges and joys of being a family who serves. The Ranch is a place to explore the rugged beauty of Central Texas and a place of stability for those whose home is forever changing.