Schwab Rolls Up their Sleeves and Gives Back

May 16, 2022

Schwab employees returned to the ranch twice this month for two volunteer workdays after a two-year hiatus of in-person volunteering due to the pandemic. These workdays were hosted as a part of Schwab’s national “Volunteer Week”, that is committed to helping local nonprofits with areas of need. This community effort lasts over two weeks each year with over 9,000 Charles Schwab employees dedicating their time and talents nationwide to over 400 organizations and 800 volunteer projects. Local volunteer projects often include facilitating financial literacy workshops, building homes, community clean up and more!

Candlelight Ranch was thrilled to once again welcome 38 “Schwabies” back to the ranch to help with ranch beautification and invasive species removal.   Schwab employees made great strides in some much-needed projects that helped set us up for success as we enter a full season of summer programming. Projects completed included erosion control near our natural spring and bird sanctuary, revitalization of our pollinator gardens, and Martin’s Food Forest, mesquite, cedar, and cactus remediation, organization of program supply storage, and the maintenance of Chillville. The projects completed are not only essential to the beautification of the ranch, but to the efficiency of our programming and the safety of our children and families who visit.  These projects continue to help in the maintenance of our Wildlife and Land Management Plan. Corporate workdays are essential and would not have been possible without the leadership of our Ranch Manager, Angelia Tomlin & Ranch Staff, Greg Tomlin, Co-Founder Don Barr and the expertise of our Ranch Committee members Rod Oberhaus and John Walters and Board Members Russ Miller and Paul Masschelin who instructed teams of volunteers throughout the workdays.

It truly takes a village, and we are honored to have such a strong foundation of dedicated volunteers committed to making Candlelight Ranch the best it can be! We are incredibly thankful to Charles Schwab for their continued partnership over the years and the great work they do for Candlelight Ranch!