Solar Eclipse Party

November 7, 2023

On October 16, a rare cosmic event took place across the United States with the Highland Lakes and Austin area as an epicenter for Central Texans to view the annular solar eclipse! Candlelight Ranch celebrated this event with a solar eclipse party where families of all abilities and backgrounds were able to enjoy the viewing within a peaceful environment away from the crowds. An annular solar eclipse takes place when the moon comes between the sun and earth, temporarily blocking the light from our sun. While viewing an annular solar eclipse, shadows casted from the sun forms a crescent moon or circular shape and sunlight subdues mimicking dusk. Many families reflected that this inclusive and relaxed celebration gave access to their family to view and enjoy the eclipse in a safe and welcoming natural environment, stating “this (Candlelight Ranch) is our safe place”. Further explaining that they had a desire to learn about and experience the eclipse but were unsure of accessing an uncrowded outdoor space that could accommodate their family’s unique needs.

Additionally, to viewing the eclipse, families enjoyed a full day outdoors watching the full progression of the eclipse, picnicking, hiking and ziplining under muted sunlight. Central Texas finds itself in a unique and rare cosmic pattern where we will experience a Total Solar Eclipse (where the moon completely blocks the light of the sun, turning day to night) on April 8, 2024. Viewing a solar eclipse in your hometown is a once in a lifetime experience, viewing two solar eclipses within the same hometown within 6 months of each other is a unique and unheard-of phenomenon.

Being fortunate enough to witness such an incredible cosmic event places on the soul a sense of awe for our planet, it’s natural wild spaces and the grand heavens we gaze at in wonder on a clear stary night. At Candlelight Ranch we hope to make this awe-inspiring connection to nature accessible to all.