Michael’s interest and passion for the outdoors began as a young child living in a wide range of places. Through his developing childhood years, he had the opportunity to live in several different states including New Mexico, Montana, and Texas. Due to these experiences, he quickly gained a strong connection to nature and all it has to offer. As his outdoor passion continued to grow throughout his life, he decided to devote this interest into a lifelong pursuit in providing others with the same nature experiences he had that allowed him to develop into the person he is today.

Michael received his BS in Recreation Administration at Texas State University. Throughout his academic career, he completed his fieldwork and administrative internships at Candlelight Ranch and developed a loving connection to the organization and its mission. Following his administrative internship, he was given an incredible opportunity to be hired on as a full-time staff member.

When Michael is not working, you will most likely find him somewhere in the outdoors with his dog. He also spends his free time rock climbing at the local indoor gym and exploring near any body of water he finds.