YMSL Four Points – Ultimate Gift

April 6, 2021

We are incredibly grateful and honored to thank the Young Men’s Service League, Four Points Chapter for choosing Candlelight Ranch as the recipient of their 2021 Ultimate Gift! On February 28th over forty mother and son teams of their chapter participated in a day of service updating the ranch with much needed beautification projects including cedar remediation, winter storm clean up, garden bed revitalization and restoration of wheelchair accessible paths to our zipline course and food forest. These projects played a vital role in enhancing the safety and accessibility of the ranch for those who visit.  In just one day, YMSL teams helped us complete a year’s worth cedar remediation!

“We had over 90 Mom and Son volunteers who all loved spending the day at Candlelight Ranch. This was not only the first opportunity in the past year we were all together in person but more importantly it was to support all the families who are served through Candlelight Ranch’s programs. It was so great to see how much our work truly made a difference!” Melinda Armstrong, Philanthropy VP Elect

In addition to the collective 400 hours of service, YMSL Four Points also donated programming equipment for our children and families.  They also supplied the needed materials for the service projects and graciously donated brand-new loppers, clippers, trowels, wheelbarrows, and work gloves so that Candlelight Ranch may continue to host successful ranch workdays! We cannot thank YMSL Four Points enough for helping make Candlelight Ranch a more safe, beautiful, and healthy environment for everyone who visits!