Impact Story: The Hudson Family

December 7, 2021

At Candlelight Ranch, we have the joy and honor to work with so many wonderful families, volunteers, and individuals all of which are an integral part of our Candlelight Ranch family.  One family in particular, The Hudson’s, are not only an absolute joy to work with, but are also greatly involved with the Ranch as participants and volunteers. Anne Hudson, mother of Stanley Hudson, is an avid volunteer who donates her time and talents to teaching our children and families about horses and helps others through the equine program break barriers of fear and overcome feelings of anxiety. Her son, Stanley, participates in our Outdoor Explorers Program, helping young adults with special needs learn and increase physical activity in nature. Stanley also volunteers sharing his enjoyment of the outdoors with the children who visit on Family Days.  You can find Stanley sharing expertise with children on how to make pine cone nature crafts.

Anne offers a unique perspective, as a parent of a young man with special needs and a dedicated volunteer, she reflects on the benefits both her and Stanley experience together, “Candlelight Ranch has become our home away from home. From the moment we arrived, the staff has been so kind and calm that we feel at ease. I look forward to our days as much as Stanley does. Stanley has gained so many outstanding experiences with the Ranch – new skills socially, nature interests, experiences, self-confidence, and even new hobbies. One of his favorites is Archery. He beams with pride when he realizes he can actually enjoy these activities. His self-confidence has soared since being at Candlelight Ranch. Of course, I can’t leave out Trust. Trust. It is huge. Candlelight Ranch staff has the gift of giving and receiving trust with not just Stanley but many, many children young adults, and parents.” 

Anne also serves as a regular volunteer at the ranch.  “In return this gives me the opportunity to do what I love. Volunteering with children. Making sure they are smiling and learning. I can’t leave out the tranquility I receive when working with children and horses. The knowledge I have gained has been a blessing. I, too, have new hobbies.” 

We are honored to have Anne and Stanley as a part of our Candlelight Ranch Family along with the many other children, adults, and families who experience the wonders of nature, making memories and connections together in the outdoors.  Your donations help support our vital programs, activities, and services in 2022.  Thank you for your annual support.  Your donations help us continue to heal hearts and create joy.