Each month’s event focuses on nature related themes! Daily activities include guided hikes, team building, low ropes, high ropes course, zip lines, canyon crawl, fishing, EAGALA/equine-assisted learning, and an opportunity for families to spend fun and therapeutic time together in nature.

Military Family Days for 2019 are scheduled for:

  • Feb 16th, March 17th, April 27th: 9:30-3:30
  • May 19th– 9:00-3:00
  • June 16th-9:00-3:00
  • July 28th– 9:00-1:30
  • September 22th, October 5th , November 10th , December 7th : 9:30-3:30

Become a Sponsor:

Candlelight Ranch is looking for individual and corporate sponsors to underwrite our costs of hosting Military Family Days.  You can help us provide our military and veteran families with a special day in nature that will increase family bonds, strengthen communication and help in healing any wounds of war.

  • $100 Sponsors a family of 4 to attend 1 family day
  • $2,000 Sponsors an entire family day for up to 10 families
  • $15,000 Underwrites a year of Military Family Days at Candlelight Ranch

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please email [email protected]

In the words of one of our military families:  “We made memories and my kids overcame their fears of trying new things.”

With your support, we can help our military and veteran families make memories that will last a lifetime!

My favorite thing about our experience was all of the fun activities I was able to do with my family at NO COST. Canoeing, kayaking, sleeping in the tree house and fishing.  As a military family we really appreciate this chance to enjoy time together and in nature. Thank you!

Military Family Day Participant

We went out here for the first time today. It was the best time my family has had and was outdoors. All the volunteers and staff were amazing and super sweet!!!! Definitely will be going again. You guys are AMAZING!!!! Wonderful ranch and great horses.

Military Family Day Participant

Everything was amazing, we most enjoyed the zip lines. We loved petting, feeding and brushing the horses, Belle and Comet. The girls enjoyed learning how to fish.

Military Family Day Participant

We experience and benefit so much from just being together as a family and being outdoors. We laughed, played, supported each other and made new friends in the process. Thank you, Candlelight Ranch!

Military Family Day Participant
 Military Family Day Goals:
  • Encourage military and veteran families to spend time together in nature while learning, exploring and healing as a family unit
  • Assist families in stress reduction, communication and teamwork
  • Provide a safe place for military and veteran families to spend time together without an additional financial burden